The Heroes Difference - The Heroes Group
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The Heroes Difference

The Heroes Group is an accounting firm with a passion for helping small businesses. We are the ideal Sidekick for contractors, freelancers, and small business owners who could use an expert keeping their books, but may not have the budget for a team of full time accountants, bookkeepers and a CFO. As Sidekicks, The Heroes Group is able to provide these services at an affordable rate.

With our online document management, your information is kept safe on our secure portal accessible whenever you need it.

Unlike a typical public accounting firm, we do not bill hourly. We are your “Accounting Sidekicks“. Our customers are our Heroes. We are a part of your team and we work with you. Your goals are our goals. We sweat the small stuff so you can focus on the big stuff.

Your Sidekicks bring more to the table than just accounting and tax services. The Sidekick team brings together the unique blend of CPAs and Business Development professionals who understand the value of a dollar and how it affects the small business owner. As experts in small businesses and accounting, and our passion is to bring those skills to small business owners, freelancers and contractors at a price they can afford.

Our commitment to you is transparency.

Sidekicks are standing by. Find yours today!